• Facebook, we all thought it was just going to be another fad like Bebo.com and myspace.com but with 1.11 billion monthly users it’s not going any where.

According to Simplyzesty Facebook’s quarter one report for 2013 shows that monthly active users has increased by 25% year on year.  For a digital marketing perpective, imaging the potential brand awareness possiblities Facebook can provide your brand with! 

But you have to think clearly before deciding to set up your brand on Facebook. Ask yourself?

  • Why should my company be on Facebook?
  • What will my company/brand achieve by being on Facebook?
  • Is this the right platform for my brand/company?

If you have clearly set out your digital marketing strategy and your know what your end goals looks like, then you will know instantly wheither or not Facebook is the right channel for you to use.  People tend to use Facebook for personal reasons, look at friend’s photo’s, chat online with friends and keep updated with friends you don’t see all the time that may now be living on the other side of the world.

So now you have asked yourself and decided that Facebook is the right platform to market your brand/company. You need to decide how you are going to use it

  • Create Facebook Ad campaign
  • Set up a Facebook Company page

Consider this fact from Havas & Lightspeed June 2011,  “53% UK social networkers were more likely to look up information about a brand if a firend had recommended it.” While according to Nielsen’s Global Trust in Advertising Survey, April 2012

” 92% trust word of from friend and family while 47% trust TV, radio and newspapers%

Think about the impact that could have on your brand. For example if  your brand had a 1000 followers and say 500 of them liked your recent promotion and each follower had a 100 friends, this would give your brand the potential reach of 50,000 all from one post.

Have a look at this You Tube video to see the reach Facebook as that may be relevant to your brand – http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=XKTfCjMsUNc

The below infographic from Edelman shows the reach of Facebook in Ireland

Facebook in Ireland

I’ll leave you with one final thought could/should your brand be in this top 10?? Click here to see what brands were trending in Ireland on Facebook.



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