Why Measure Your Online Digital Efforts??

So in my last post, I talked about what is digital marketing and mentioned that that it should be measurable.

But why?

Simply, it allows a brand understand consumer behaviour online by analysing;

  • your target audience (gender, age, online activity etc.) ,
  • your online campaigns (how many clicks did your recently online display ad receive)

Most importantly you can listen to what people are staying about your brand/product online through various tools such as Radian 6, Google Alerts, Sprout Social and Hoot Suite and Tweet deck .

According to Tech Republic, if you don’t break down your digital marketing efforts into qualitative and quantitative measures, you will either be left with a one dimensional data or the sheer volume of data gathered will be overwhelming. Yufen Chen is director, digital insights of OgilvyOne, talks defines Qualitative measurement as measurement that “addresses questions such as the branding impact of online marketing, whether users are reacting positively or negatively to it and what customers are saying after trying your products or visiting the site.” She gives examples of some the tools that can be use to understand qualitative measurement such as “surveys, contextual observations, buzz tracking, usability testing and/or customer interviews”.

Quantitative measurement looks at “a product or brand’s online share of voice, whether your online marketing tactics are driving interest and consideration and, if so, how much is generated. Furthermore, with the use of website tracking tools, we can also find out what users are doing on your website and what they are interacting with.”

So I mentioned there a number of tools available such as Radian6, Google Alerts, Google Analytics, Sprout Social and Hoot Suite and Tweet deck to name a few. But what one’s should by company use?? Well it’s really dependant on the size and scale of your company. Free tools like Google’s Alerts and Analytics, Hoot Suite and Sprout Social may be enough for a small company or organisation to monitor their online engagement as well as using a simply excel or word document to determine if you are achieving your KPIs set out at the start of your digital marketing strategy for each online campaign.

For larger companies/brands such ING Direct, Honda Motor Europe and Volvo, software like Radian6 maybe required as it provides social media monitoring and analysis on a larger scale through the automated monitoring and analysis of various social media tools, such as blogs, forums, wikis, and microblogging services to allow users to track real-time conversations regarding their product and brand.

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