Have you got Klout??

What’s your Klout Score?

What’s this I hear you say?? Well Klout Score looks at how influential you are on social media channels such as Facebook and Twitter and gives you a score out of 100! Klout groups your score into three different metrics:

True Reach

Amplification Probability

Network Influence

But is this a true reflection of how influential you are online? One who post information daily about everything and anything will rate highly on Klout while those that only post now and again but provide people with invaluable pieces of information may have a low rating. So really can we judge a how influential a person is by looking at their Klout Score? Will employers start using it to when recruiting new employees?

Klout Update and the Ongoing Democratization of Social Influence

I think Klout is onto something because digital marketing is all about measurement but I don’t think a person Klout Score can be viewed in isolation. Jen X 67  published an article in 2012 where she noted that Justin Bieber has more social influence that President Barack Obama!! Really, maybe my age but I don’t thinks so!!

Jen also reported hotels were giving upgrades based on a person’s Klout Score! Based on the Justin Bieber should be given the Presidential suite over President Barack Obama!

For the moment, I remain a sceptical of it true value of measuring social medial influence.



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