Link Shorteners- Why are they beneficial

What’s this I hear you say??? Well simply put they allow you to shorten a url so that it can then be used in a email or tweet. Sending an email with the original url link can look messy and unprofessional in my opinion while a shortened link looks more professional but more importantly it provide you with data on who has click on your link. You will be able to determine how many people read and followed the call to action in your email.

O’Reilly Answers reviewed the 7 best shortening tools of 2012 and what benefits each of them provider to the user;

1) The Official URL Shortener from Stumble Upon and one of the best available in the market.

  • Help to Increase traffic.
  • Real time analytics showing how many people click through the links and how many people came through StumbleUpon.
  • Suggest the best posting time based on past data.
  • Tells the number of retweets and reviews.
  • History Viewer.
  • Sharing functionality

2) Official URL shortener from Google.

  • Reliable and trusted.
  • Shows real time click analytics on hourly, daily, weekly, monthly and all time basis of all the short Google links.
  • Public Stats

3) Bitly:

  • View complete, real-time traffic & analytics data.
  • Sharing functionality
  • Bitly is available via website, browser extensions, mobile web, & numerous third-party tools.
  • Build good traffic.

4) Tinyurl:

  • Browser toolbar
  • Hide Affiliate URLs
  • Preview Feature

5) Budurl: Budurl comes with lot of additional premium features apart from shortening the link.

  • Emails to prospects & clients
  • QR Code integration for print campaigns
  • Use their Mobile Micro-Sites to drive traffic for mobile campaigns
  • Schedule your Tweets
  • Detailed stats of Blog posts & comments on sites
  • Links to PDFs and other files on my website and in emails
  • Affiliate links
  • Advertising links


  • Make URLs easier to read aloud using our custom shortened URL facility or our pronounceable URL facility.
  • Make QR codes of shortened URL links.


  • Custom Links
  • Private Detailed stats
  • Displays geolocation data as a map rather than a charts
  • Sharing feature

Now you know about the different types of url shorteners that are available and what benefits they have, try them out and you will see the benefits that can add to your digital marketing campaigns.


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