PPC – Pay per Click Advertising

Pay-per-click (PPC) advertising and campaigns are the primary way of advertising on the internet. (Opentracker).

How does it work??

Well you only pay for clicks on your ad. Ad’s can appear on the left hand slide like on the above image or as they first 2-3 searches before the organic searches. It is all determined around key word searches. “You only pay for clicks to your site; if a person clicks on a search engine result, link, or banner and lands on your site (aka PPP pay-for-performance advertising). If the person only sees your link, but does not click through, this is called an impression. Impressions are “the number of promotional units a person is subjected to” (Cone, S. 2008. Powerlines) You do not have pay for impressions. There are also pricing models based on impressions, which charge per thousand (CPM). ” (Open Tracker)

When determining if a PPC campaign is right for your organisation,  you must consider; (Search Engine Watch)

  • What is your goal/objective of the campaign?
  • What’s your budget? Depending on your brand/company, the key words you choose in your campaign maybe extremely popular which will in turn drive up the bid of this word. For example weight loss or fitness classes in January can be extremely expensive key words to bid on but depending on your goals and what you want to achieve it may be worth the expenditure.
  • Relevance – ensure the key words you have chosen are relevant to your company and brand and are in line with your goals and objectives.

If you consider the above 3 questions at the outset of your digital marketing campaign you will quickly determine if a PPC campaign is right for your organisation.

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