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Web Analytics

Website analytics is like Big Brother for your website and is critical to any digital marketing campaign as they provide you with tangible information. Web analytics allows a company/brand to find out that people looked at on their website and how long they spent on the site. It tells you how they found your website, … Continue reading

Blogs and what they can do for you!!

Blogs, are they really important??? Yes blogs are extremely important as they help to increase site visits and ultimately  leads!!! Blogs can consist of text, images or both. Originally they started out as personal online journals on people favourite subject matter. However more and more companies are now blogging about their products and services to attract … Continue reading


Facebook, we all thought it was just going to be another fad like and but with 1.11 billion monthly users it’s not going any where. According to Simplyzesty Facebook’s quarter one report for 2013 shows that monthly active users has increased by 25% year on year.  For a digital marketing perpective, imaging the potential … Continue reading